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Pawan Kumar Khowal

AboutPhotoHi, I am Pawan Kumar Khowal. I have around 9 years of IT experience with Microsoft Technologies. Currently I am working with a MNC at Gurgaon, as a Technical Head. I am mainly focused on SQL Server, Transact-SQL, SSIS(ETL), SSAS with Tabular Model, and SSRS (Native and SharePoint Mode), Powershell and Big Data within the Microsoft BI stack. Apart from project activities, I do quite a few other things at the organization level like training sessions, mentoring people, knowledge sharing and interviews on SQL and MSBI platform.

☛ Tech Certifications

Pawan Kumar Khowal - Certifications

Pawan Kumar Khowal – Certifications


☛ Expert Exchange Certifications


☛ Free DAX Replacer & Beautifer Tool (With Vikas)


I love working on SQL Server/Microsoft BI. Details of the technologies I worked with are given below-

☛ Microsoft SQL Server’s [ 2014 / 2012 / 2008 R2 / 2005 ]
• Expertise in writing / debugging / analyzing complex T-SQL queries
• Database designing from scratch
• Query optimization
• Refactoring of huge databases
• I am good @ solving complex T-SQL puzzles. [ https://msbiskills.com/tsql-puzzles-asked-in-interview-over-the-years/ ]

☛ MS SQL Server Business Intelligence (MS SQL-BI) Development Stack
• SSRS ( SQL Server Reporting Services)
• SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)
• ETL – SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
• Excellent knowledge on Data Warehousing
• Dimensional Modeling

☛ MS SQL Server Analysis Services ( OLAP ) Languages
• DAX – Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) & Tabular model.
• Expertise in Writing / Debugging / Analyzing complex DAX queries
• Creation of Measures & Calculated Columns in Cube using DAX.
• MDX – Multi-Dimensional Expressions
• XMLA – Using this language for administrative tasks ; • E.g. backups, restore backups, process tables, process cubes etc.

☛ Big Data
• Microsoft Cosmos & Scope. Expertise in data extraction using COSMOS-SCOPE

☛ .NET
• Application development technologies like .Net, C#, ASP.Net

☛ Contact Info

Email – pawankkmr@gmail.com
Facebook – facebook.com/pawankkmr
Twitter – Twitter.com/pawankkmr


+Pawan Kumar Khowal

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This blog is my own space and the opinions/views expressed here are my own and do not represent the opinions/views of my employer (past and present employers) or any other individual in any way.


Pawan Kumar khowal

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