SQL Puzzles – Finding Outputs

List of T SQL Interview puzzles – Outputs

Here I come with cunning SQL Queries / Puzzles which are frequently asked in SQL / Database / MSBI / SQL BI interviews from developer to Architect level. All the questions below seems easy but it would be complex situation when you face these query in Interview time.

If you have any puzzle in mind or if you want me to solve some puzzle or if you have difficulty in solving business problem please email me @ I would be happy to help.

This would be best for you to go through following Interview questions / puzzles before attend any technical interview. 

Please visit T-SQL Puzzles section where we have to write the query based on the scenario given by the interviewer.

Sr No T-SQL Output Interview Puzzles
1 SQL | Group By Null Puzzle
2 SQL | The Division Puzzle
3 SQL | The Between Puzzle
4 SQL | The String & Null Puzzle
5 SQL | The Computed Column Puzzle
6 SQL | The NULL Puzzle
7 SQL | Sum and Count of Empty Set Puzzle
8 SQL | The Count Puzzle
9 SQL | The Primary Key Puzzle

SQL Join Puzzles

Sr No T-SQL Joins Output Puzzle
1 SQL | Join Puzzle 1
2 SQL | Join Puzzle 2
3 SQL | Join Puzzle 3
4 SQL | Join Puzzle 4

Select Puzzles

Sr No Single Select Puzzle
1 SQL | Single Select Puzzle 1
2 SQL | Single Select Puzzle 2
3 SQL | Single Select Puzzle 3
4 SQL | Single Select Puzzle 4
5 SQL | Single Select Puzzle 5

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