List of Python Coding Interview Puzzles

List of Python Puzzles or Coding interview questions along with their solutions. All the questions below seems easy but it would be complex situation when you face these queries in Interviews

If you have any puzzle in mind or if you want me to solve some puzzle or if you have difficulty in solving business problems please email me @ I would be happy to help.

This would be best for you to go through following Interview questions / puzzles before attend any technical interview. 

Sr No Python Puzzles
30 Python | Check if the sum of two integers is equal to the input value
29 Python | How to reverse words from a Sentence
28 Python | Check whether a string is pallindrome or not
27 Python | Check a character is present in a string or not
26 Python | Print positions of a string present in another string
25 Python | Print elements from odd positions in a list
24 Python | Print list of prime numbes up to a number
23 Python | Check whether a number is prime or not
22 Python | Check whether an array is Monotonic
21 Python | How would you delete duplicates in a list
20 Python | How to convert a number into a list of its digits
19 Python | Validate an IP Address-IPV4
18 Python | Validate an IP Address-IPV6
17 Python | Print the first non-recurring element in a list
16 Python | Print the most recurring element in a list
15 Python | Find cumulative sum of elements in a list
14 Python | Print Median of a given list
13 Python | How to sort an array in ascending order
12 Python | How to reverse an array
11 Python | Find number of times a character present in a string
10 Python | Find maximum value from a list
9 Python | How to find GCF of two numbers
8 Python | How to find LCM of two numbers
7 Python | How to convert a list to a string
6 Python | How to convert a string to a list
5 Python | Find common words from two string
4 Python | Find unique words from a string
3 Python | Find uncommon words from two strings
2 Python | Calculate average word length from a string
1 Python | Replace NONE by its previous NON None value