SQL OUTPUT PUZZLE | The Assignment Puzzle – ? | Advanced SQL

In this puzzle you have to go through the SQL statement given below and provide us the output without executing the SQL on SSMS or any other onsite SQL tool.

Script – DDL and INSERT Sample Data


CREATE TABLE TheAssignmentPuzzle 
	 Id INT
	,Vals INT

INSERT INTO TheAssignmentPuzzle VALUES

SELECT * FROM TheAssignmentPuzzle


Input Data

Id Vals
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 29

Q. What will be the Output of the below SQL Statement?


	= MAX(Vals) FROM 
TheAssignmentPuzzle GROUP BY Id





(1 row affected)

--The output I am getting is the last value of the Id
--As per me it will give me the last maximum value for any Id


Enjoy 🙂

Please add comment(s) if you have one or multiple solutions in mind. Thank You.

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