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SQL Server (SQL,SSIS,SSRS,SSAS) Interview Questions – # 6

Last week, I have given a technical interview for a company based out from Gurgaon. So with out further delay I will list the questions-

  1. I have a sql table that I need to split into more 90 excel sheet based on a code. I could create an ssis package and use conditional split and create more than 90 excel sheet. But creating more than 90 excel sheet one at a time will be time consuming and if I have to use that package again for another table then I would have to make changes. Is there an easier/faster way to achieve split a table into more than 90 excel tabs? Is it possible to use foreachloop and dynamically split and create excel tab?
  2. What are Attunity Driver and why do we user in SSIS?
  3. How many type of protection level in SSIS package?
  4. Difference between Cached Report and Snapshot Report
  5. What are check point and how they work? How check works in for loop?
  6. Define below transformation in DFD?
    a. Character Map
    b. Merge vs. merge join Vs. Union ALL
    c. Cache transform
  7. How to show “No Data Found” Message to end user?
  8. Can we apply style sheet in SSRS and how?
  9. What are Partition processing options?
  10. Can we debug SSIS package. If Yes, How?
  11. We get the files in our Source Folder all day long. Each file is appended copy of previous file. We want to create a SSIS Package that will load only the most recent file to our table.?
  12. How to create Temporary Table using SSIS?
  13. What are Lazy aggregations?
  14. How we can ignore failure and continue loop in SSIS?
  15. How to make connection with a FTP server?
  16. Difference between Report Server and Report Manager
  17. I need to build custom Logging for our all SSIS Packages. We want to insert some information in a table at start of the SSIS Package and then at the end we want to update the record with “Package Completed successfully” or “Failure”. What you do?
  18. What is the difference between NON EMPTY keyword and NONEMPTY() function?
  19. Sometime we need to debug out SSIS Package but we do not want to insert records in destination but still we want to use all the transformations and dump these all records in some dummy destination. The goal can be to check the extraction performance from source OR view data at different points of Package but we do not want to insert data in destination at all. What would you do?

Shall update the answers very soon !

Cheers, Thanks for reading !

-Pawan Khowal