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SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers – # 5

OK so I have gone through another telephonic interview. The company is based out of Hyderabad. The market for SQL / MSBI is very good now a days. They were looking for a person who has worked in all the three areas SSIS, SSRS, SSAS. So she had asked 2-3 questions from each area. Let’s go through the questions below. I shall update the answers very soon.

1. Can we put table data and Clustered index on different file groups?

2. Can we put table data and Non Clustered index on different file groups?

3. How many key columns you can put in a clustered index?

4. What are role playing Dimensions in analysis services?

5. What are blocking and unblocking transformations? Provide me a some examples of blocking & unblocking transformations in SSIS.

6. What are the ways to deploy a SSIS package?

7. What are the disadvantages of flat file source?

8. Let’s say you have two data flows in control flow and based on some condition you want to call one data flow and based on the another you want to call another one? How can you do this?

9. Can you remove one of the export options that we have in SSRS for a particular user?

10. Assume you have two data sets and you want to map these two data sets to a single tablix in a SSRS report? Is it possible? If yes, how?

11. Let’s say you have folder and inside that you have some excel files, Now you to insert these excel files into respective database tables. Now the headers of each excel is not at the top(First row), it is placed at some random location like 5th row, 10th row etc. Design a SSIS package for this.

Cheers, Thanks for reading !, Answer coming soon…

-Pawan Khowal