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SSRS Interview Questions – SET 1 ( 50 Questions )

CLICK HERE (SSRS Interview Questions) to download the questions in PDF format.

I have been collecting interview questions from the people who have given interviews at various organizations. Please go through these questions before attending any technical Interview. Below are the list of questions on SSRS (SQL SERVER Reporting Services). Please add a comment if you have any question in mind , will add that also. Answers to these questions are coming very soon.

Question1. How to render a report to a user email?
Question2. How to join two datasets and use in a single report?
Question3. How to do paging in SSRS?
Question4. How to deal with multi valued parameters?
Question5. I want one page should be displayed in landscape and other pages in different formats in a report. Can you design a SSRS report for this requirement?
Question6. How to tune the performance of SSRS report?
Question7. How to design a Drilldown report?
Question8. What is the difference between Table and Matrix?
Question9. What is drill across through report?
Question10. How to keep header in all pages – SSRS?
Question11. How to add custom code to change the colour of a node in report – SSRS
Question12. What is a sub report?
Question13. Difference between drill through and sub reports?
Question14. ​What is a shared dataset?
Question15. Can we use shared dataset with the sub report?
Question16. What is the deployment mechanism for ​​SSRS deployment?
Question17. What are the common performance issues in SSRS?
Question18. ​Can you tell me top 5 new features in SSIS and SSRS Both in 2008 and 2012?​
Question19. What kind of dashboards you have prepared using SSRS reports?
Question20. Design a SSRS report that can support dynamic columns.
Question21. How to remove PDF from the export options in SSRS report?
Question22. What are the user roles available in SSRS?
Question23. What are the data regions in SSRS?
Question24. Have you ever used custom assembles in SSRS?
Question25. How to enhance SSRS functionality?
Question26. How to design a report to show the alternative rows in a different colour?
Question27. Write a code to customize the SSRS report. Where the code has to be written?
Question28. In a SSRS report where to write custom code?
Question29. ​How to troubleshoot SSRS report using ExecutionLog2?
Question30. Have you ever seen .rdl file? What are the different sections in .rdl file?
Question31. How to upgrade SSRS reports?
Question32. How to give estimations to your report requirements?
Question33. How to design a SSRS report that shows alternative rows in different colour?
Question34. How to manually allocate memory to SSRS service?
Question35. How to view report server logs and call stacks in SSRS?
Question36. Can you explain how to disable parallel processing or how to serialize dataset execution?
Question37. How to pass multi-valued parameter to stored procedure in dataset?
Question38. How to control the pagination in SSRS?
Question39. What are the major differences between SSRS 2008 and SSRS 2012?
Question40. You have any idea about IIF, SWITCH and LOOKUP functions in SSRS?
Question41. We know in SSRS by default datasets are executed in parallel. But in our environment data Source is under high load and can’t handle parallel requests.
Question42. Do you create your reports using the wizard or manually?
Question43. What formats can SSRS export or render to?
Question44. What servers can be used with SSRS?
Question45. Can we create a chart report using Report Wizard?
Question46. Can you edit the .rdl code associated with a linked report?
Question47. What is reporting lifecycle?
Question48. What is ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB ?
Question49. What is toggling in SSRS?
Question50. I have a report server A with more than 600 reports; Now the report Server A is down and we would like to move all the reports, their subscriptions and alerts on server B in a minimum down time. What would be your approach?