Normalization : Definition and basics

1.Normalization is the process of designing a data model that efficiently store that data in a database.

2.Normalization is the process of simplifying the relationships.

3.It is also called as process of database refinement.

4.Normalization is carried for following reasons.

a) Simple retrieval of data in response to query.

b) Simple data maintainence.

c) Simplify maintainence of data through insertion , updation and deletions.

d) Reduce the need to restructure / reorganize data in case of new requirements.

5.Normalization reduces redundancy.Redundancy is defined as the
unnecessary repetition of a field.It can cause problems with storage ,
updation and retrieval of data.

6.It is a process of data design based on rules that help build relational databases.

7.Normalization will come to you at some cost because to get data you have apply joins.

Will explain all the normal forms in my next article.

-Pawan Kumar