Execution Plans

1.Execution plans can tell us how the query is executed by SQL
SERVER ENGINE , means how the data is retrieved from the DB and given
to the end user.SQL SERVER performs no of steps for that in both
relational as well as storage engine.

2.It is the primary means of troubleshooting queries which are not performing up-to the mark.

3.They will help the developers in writing better and optimized T-SQL queries.

4.There are two types of execution plans: Estimated execution plan
and Actual execution plan.I use actual execution plan as it is accurate.

5.SQL SERVER offer three formats in which you can get execution plan.They are

a)Graphical Plans
b)Text Plans
c)XML Plans

I will write one more post which will explain the things in detail.Next week would bring a new environment in my life.

Pawan Kumar